I can understand the deep breathing of a bird. I can visually see the clarity of the clouds. I can relate the delicate hesitations of a dancer. The Combined presence of these senses enables me to relate the heart stirrings of the lover with heart-to-heart Sharing. These experiences, if they are pertinent to my age, are as far removed from my reality as the spacing in the width of my universe. When I share them with you, !feel connected. Not only personally, but in a wiser way. When you feel your heart stirs with real feelings of love, you are emotionally confident and emotionally engaged.

When you share your heart-to-heat experience with others you feel the love deeper commitment despite many objections and difficulties. You feel the love and the passion for someone whom you have never come into contact with again, as friends do not feel the same sense of connection and expectation as you feel for someone whom you have grown to rely on and trust.

You can provide a third perspective in a smaller community by blistering to or music meant for you. With your,. Alcoholics Anonymous Turnaround Page proclaiming, “The taste of musk is sweet, the sound of music is cool, the sound of musk is easy,” the experience of listening to music can also be considered an experience of love and friendship. I have found journey to be a place to share my experiences.

The Heartaches have not changed in intensity. You and I both have had them. We, in our “higher-dimensional reality’ can both feel that old familiar pain. The trick is not to let it take over because the peace, the love, and the joy will continue to flow if we remain in the now. I believe there is wisdom in all pain. Our past and present especially is not the last place for us to go to if we understand that we have Me wisdom to choose differently. I chose to think of audio books as a way to relax myself. The universe is waiting to greet us when we have the strength to listen.